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Elsata started in 2011 as Maria Pia’s personal project, a space to channel her art. She started in a small studio where she exclusively hand-painted ceramic pieces. As her work was growing year after year, she started to feel the need of certain pieces or designs that she couldn’t find available in the market. This led her to the research of ceramic factories which con develop her own designs. It was during 2015, when she got encouraged to take the challenge of developing all the process stages, which involves
Desing art pieces for daily use. At Elsata’s new studio, all the productive stages take place: Design,
Plaster Molds Making, Slip Casting, Finishing, Enameling and Painting, where every step is made
manually, piece by piece. Elsata grew up with a team of excellent people, young, creative and willing to innovate in its specialty
areas.The materials used for each productive stage are: Plaster for molding, Slip (ceramics), Lead free enamel
suitable for tabletops, and lead-free dyes. Elsata’s products are exclusive, as the molds are internally-designed. This means that we first need an idea, then an inspiration which leads us to a sketch and finally takes us to the creation of the mold.
Since 2011, her products are exposed twice a year in CAFIRA INNOVA, Argentina’s decorating, gifts and
related articles’ importers and manufacturers exhibition (

At this moment, it manages a list of more tan 700 customers around Argentina, border countries and USA. Among the customers, we have the confidence of important textile brands which are expanding their business lines to home articles, developed together with Elsata. We also deal with decorating shops, designers, architects and hotels.


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